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Motorcycle Wisdom welcomes you to the top motorcycle manufacturers for Choppers, Cruisers, Speed Bikes, Dirt Bikes, Custom Bikes, Mini Bikes and more.  The Motorcycle Manufacturers listed below under top motorcycle manufactures in the world.

Top Motorcycle Manufacturers
Harley-Davidson - Harley-Davidson is our #1 pick
Yamaha Motorcycles - Being found all over the tracks.
Indiana Motorcycles - Over 100 years in the motorcycle business
Kawasaki - All bikes including Speed Bikes, Dirt Bikes and more.
Suzuki Motorcycles - High performance speed bikes like Hayabusa.
BMW Motorcycles - Cruiser motorcycles.
Ducati - Italy site. Company history, dealer info, and specs
Victory Motorcycles - "Best Cruiser"; "Cruiser of the Year."
Buell - Harley-powered American-made high-performance bikes
Aprilia - Europe’s 2nd largest producer of motorcycles
Orange County Choppers - Known for their custom motorcycles.
West Coast Choppers - Custom choppers
Honda Motorcycles - Getting known for the Dirt Bikes.
MV Agusta - Approval from both the industry press and the public.
KTM - Recognized leader in the design of off road motorcycles.
Holliday Tire Studs - The most wanted motorcycle studs.

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Day 2 Nite Sunglasses

Harley-Davidson is the #1 name in choppers.
 With excellent manufacturing skills and quality bikes.

Indiana Motorcycles was founded in 1901.
And still to this day make great riding cruisers.

Yamaha Motorcycles known for making great speed bikes
with the R series bikes.

Who's a manufacturer?

"Motorcycle Manufacturers are the actual motorcycle maker.  Which means, they are the ones who design and manufacture the motorcycle"

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